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After several years of tremendous success with the Select Seat, Harrill and his crew went back to the drawing board to revamp their line of fiberglass seats and make them better.  Utilizing the core of the Select, the new NeXgen seats are a better fitting, higher performing version.  The seat's unique design "cups" the driver's under-arm area, greatly reducing driver fatigue.

Improvements have also been made to the driver's lower back area, virtually eliminating discomfort.  All of these changes have been made to improve driver comfort, while still allowing the NeXgen to be mounted lower than the average seat without sacrificing safety or support.


The medium and large sized seats were recently redeveloped while following the same path as the original NeXgen in that it is a superior version of its predecessor. With input from several of our racers, Harrill redesigned the medium and large seats yet again to provide the driver even more support and comfort. Medium & large seats are now available in this new design as the NeXgen 2.0!